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The Silver Premier Club

You walk to your mailbox and open it up. Imagine instead of just bills there was a package, a gift to yourself and your family that arrived every month. Something with the ability to entertain and educate about financial responsibility while improving our financial health. Welcome to the Silver Premier Club.

As a member of this exclusive club, you are taking a step toward improving your financial health by collecting pure silver every month. Your silver coin comes to you in perfect graded condition, certified, and encapsulated to preserve its museum quality condition.

Your monthly membership includes exclusive pricing on silver and gold, special deals on hard to find coins, the Family Fun Time activity book and the Silver Bulletin financial health newsletter. With our Refer 3 program you can get your silver for free every month!

Family Fun Time

Each issue of Family Fun Time shares the on-going adventures of Numis Man and includes fun puzzles and games and that help teach children about the value of collecting silver assets. Every month Numis Man takes children on a brand new adventure introducing them to interesting facts and unique landmarks of countries around the world.

Imagine being able to hit the pause button on the TV, iPad, Cell, Game System, etc... Family Fun Time creates the opportunity to pause the hi-tech world around us and slow down to focus one on one with our children. It's a chance to learn about the value of precious metals as well as different cultures and animals. Before long you will see the excitement on your kids faces as they open the new coin each month!

Silver Bulletin

Your financial health is our mission, and that doesn't end with helping people collect silver. Whether you're terrible with finances, or a CPA, the Silver Bulletin financial newsletter is full of usefull insights and money saving tips that could make your month! Many of us were simply never taught how to manage finances, or with our ever changing economy have fallen out of the loop with the latest strategies to get ahead. Each issue presents valuable information that can help even the most fiscally savvy person save some extra cash.

Along with valuable financial information the Silver Bulletin takes you behind the scenes of your new coin as you learn about the history and artistry of the coin in your hand. Learn unique facts about your coins origin, and what makes each coin a truly unique piece of history and art.


Shopnumis.com is your own ecommerce site exclusively devoted to helping you acquire retail customers. Your one stop shopping center for the best pricing on our unique selection of silver and gold coins, collector's sets, and jewelry!

We have one of the largest online selections of gold and silve coins, including incredible coin specials and even ancient coins! We're talking Sparticus time here!! These aren't just coins, they are beautiful brilliant artifacts, and we got em!

The Forever Crystal

A legacy is forever... What will yours be?

The Forever Crystal commemorates your life's most important occasions with a personalized message and photo. This is an elegant and enduring timeless treasure. We can't think of a better way to personalize your new collection than with a photo and personalized message laser etched on solid crystal. Your image and words will live forever as your family shares this valuable collection from generation to generation. Have a hard to shop for friend, or special event you want to commemorate? The Forever Crystal, makes a great present whether packaged alone or with a silver coin!